How does the bidding work?
‘Walk’ through the Hall of Famous and discover all the items we've gathered. You can click on an item and the detail page appears. Here you find more information about the item and the campaign it’s from. See something you like? Place a bid by clicking on the ‘place a bid’ and fill in the form. When you bid on an item, you will be asked to enter your name and email address. When we receive your bid, you will get an email with a confirmation. When you are outbid you will also receive an email. To make sure the auction isn’t going to pass you unnoticed.

How do I win an auction?
Did you make the highest bid on an item when the auction ends? You win the item! You will receive an email with the confirmation that you have won the item and more information about payment and delivery.

I have won an auction. How can I pay?
When you have won an auction, you will receive an email. This email gives you more information about the payment by means of a bank transfer. In the email you will also receive more information regarding pickup or delivery.

When does the auction end?
The auction ends on 20th of April 2018 at 11.59 p.m. The Hall of Famous has a clock that counts down, to keep you informed when it ends.

How do I get the famous item?
The item can be picked up after payment at FamousGrey, Groot-Bijgaarden. In some occasions, a delivery will be arranged. This will be agreed after you have won the item.

What if I do not want a famous item?
Not interested in any of our famous items? That's unfortunate. Do you want to support our team, anyway? Great. You can give a free contribution! You can make a donation by depositing a gift into the account of FamousGrey by number BE96 7341 2350 0005 and please mention "Hall of Famous Gift".